WOTP 2017 DJs Team

Rodolphe : “DJ Rod”

Our master DJ Rodolphe ( as last year again ) has been a Salsa and Rock’nRoll DJ for 16 years. He’s also been a West Coast DJ for 7 years now.

He’s been working at the main clubs in Paris , where he’s always the main DJ.
Since then, you’ve probably danced on his sets during the biggest French and International events such as the WOTP, the Budafest, Hungarian open, the West cargo swing, the Winter Crazy,  or the Wil.

His love for all musics  will rock you till the end of the night.

Nicolas Handschuh

Nicolas has been DJing at WCS events for the past 7 years.

He started because he loves to see how people interpret the songs he is playing and because there just  was no one to play music at local parties.

He is now well known on the European WCS circuit, DJing at numerous events every year. When he is not working or travelling, he spends a lot of time trying to find the best new music there is.

Fabienne Querol

Fabienne, dancer since her childhood, starts to dance rock and salsa in Aix en Provence, in south of France, in 2009.

During a party, she falls in love with WCS while looking to a show. From then, she attends to as many workshops, parties and events as she can. In 2013, she creates a partnership with Stéphane Gazzotti  to teach in Aix en Provence. With him, she also takes part to the organization of Aix on West Festival.

She starts to mix as a DJ in parties in her area, joins the WOTP DJ staff in 2016, and is happy to be back again in 2017!

Stéphane Gazzotti

Stéphane has discovered West Coast Swing in 2009 in Paris. Then, back to the south of France, he has joined the Rock’Caliente association where he met Jérôme Fernandez as a teacher attending in parallel many national and international events.

Since 2013, he teaches WCS with Fabienne Querol and organizes the parties in Aix en Provence. He is also the Aix on West event director.