Olivier & Natasha

Olivier & Natasha
France / Russia

Olivier Harouard & Natasha Devyatkina

Natasha is Russian and has been dancing since she was seven (ballroom dancing, competing and teaching at a very high level). In 2001 she discovered swing dancing and simply fell in love with it. She joined innumerable swing dancing workshops in Russia and other countries, and soon became one of the best Russian dancers and teachers.

Olivier is French and discovered his big passion for Swing in 2001. They met each other at the Herräng Dance Camp in Sweden in 2001. They studied together and started to teach in 2003. Since then, they have started to build up regular classes in Toulouse and in 2005 they moved to the Côte d’Azur near Cannes and started to develop the Swing culture there.

They compete for fun but they enjoy especially the social dancing and exchanges around the world by sharing their passion with others. Since 2003 their blend of two cultures has been creating an original style of dancing and a very personal style of teaching in particularly p all kinds of swing dancing: Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie, Balboa and West Coast Swing. They are permanent students in all styles of dancing and are constantly trying to learn how to improve their skills and their ways of teaching.

Their creativity and musical synergies are matched and their professionalism, kindness and humour take them to teach in some of the biggest camps in the world of Swing. They were and are still involved in the organization team of some of the biggest international dance camp (Balboa on the promenade, Boogie Swing in Toulouse, Montpellier Swing Dance Festival, St Petersburg Swing Festival).

In April 2013 at the Balboa Rendez-vous, they were the first European couple to win the title of Champion IBC (International Balboa Championship) in the famous Balboa Pavilion in Newport Beach !