Maxence & Virginie

Maxence & Virginie

Maxence Martin & Virginie Grondin

Virginie start to dance with Modern Jazz when she was 7 years old, then followed with contemporary at 13 years old at Lyon’s conservatory. It is around her twenties that she started with West Coast Swing and entered WSDC competitions. Nowadays, she is one of the champions of this dance. Her artistical consciousness, her knowledge of her body and her love of the mouvment makes her a unique dancer, who just love follow music, rythm, and interpretation.

Maxence start young by a sport focus on mouvment such as ”Judo”. His consciousness of his body, his balance and the mouvment lead him to Lindy Hop around his twenties.  Then, West Coast Swing gets his attention very early, that is why he decided to move to USA (San Diego) for about two years so he could train more and travel even more. Because of this adventure he got to raise himself higher in competitions, work with the bests, learn, observe and create using his own unique instinct for mouvment and began on of the champions of this dance. 

Together they match perfectly, as much as in teaching than in creativity. Inspired by one another, they share friendship and Dance, which make them a uniaue couple of champions in Wcs, creative, professionnal and very social. The way they touch people and they love of sharing give them the opportunity to travel around the world together and give them the chance to keep create and evolve among their pairs.