PJ & Sonya

PJ & Sonya

PJ Turner & Sonya Dessureault

PJ Turner lives in Knoxville, Tennessee. He started dancing at age 10 with Clogging (a form of tap). At the age of 12, PJ started Line dancing at the same place as his brother. By 14, PJ started partner dancing and met his future wife. She taught him East Coast Swing, some mixer dances, and the Sweetheart Schottische. And in 2001 he went to his very first dance event/competition of West Coast Swing.

PJ started traveling the Swing Circuit all over the nation competing in Jack and Jills and strictly competitions. He was on a mission for the NASDE tour. In 2012, he was awarded the NASDE tour Champion. Along the way he also received several Social Dance awards including the Prestigious Bob Preiss Social Dance Award from Swing Diego, Boogie by the Bay and River City Swing.  In 2013 PJ partnered with Tashina Beckmann King. Dancing together, they put 6 routines on the floor including Feel Again, Counting Stars, Demons, Livin on a Prayer, Let the Good Times Roll and Helium. They were US Open finalists and performed in an Off-Broadway show in New York called Swango. While they were dance partners, they were invited all over the U.S. and internationally to teach, judge and perform.

In 2015, PJ quit his job and commenced dancing professionally full time. It’s a decision he has never regretted. PJ loves dancing and is extremely passionate about teaching and social dancing. Now PJ travels all over the world teaching, judging, performing, competing, and always learning! Despite his rigorous travel schedule, PJ NEVER forgot that the most important thing is family. He has an AMAZINGLY SUPPORTIVE FAMILY that is his rock and cheers him on.

If you have seen PJ at a dance event you know that he is one of the most approachable pros in the business. He always wears a backwards hat and a big cheesy grin, he may talk a little funny, but he’s down to earth, dances with everyone, is always animated on the floor, and brings a smile to your face with his southern charm. These are some of the reasons that he is one of the most sought-after pros!! His classes are always super fun with his BOOM MOMENTS so always be prepared for him to scare the pee out of you! LOL.

If you see PJ out at an event, don’t ever hesitate, just ask him to dance. His motto is and will always be: Just make her smile!!!


Sonya a débuté sa carrière dans l’école de Danse Moderne de sa ville natale Montréal, Québec. Elle a ensuite travaillé comme professeur de Salsa et de Latin street dance. Sonya a découvert le west coast swing durant une performance à un congrès de Salsa.

Sonya a immédiatement adoré la liberté d’expression du west coast swing et su qu’elle avait trouvé sa danse. Avec sa personnalité de battante, elle s’est entraînée et a rapidement gravi les échelons. Elle a ensuite pris le risque de laisser tout ce qu’elle avait à Montréal et partir pour l’Europe. Sonya a tout d’abord enseigné avec Stephen White avec lequel elle a réalisé plusieurs célèbres showcases et routines classics.

Sonya pense que toute bonne danse consiste à apprendre à comprendre et à s’amuser avec ce que l’on sait. Elle est techniquement précise et approfondie dans ses méthodes et structures d’enseignement. Elle est connue pour son engagement féroce en faveur de son développement personnel et de celui des autres, sur et en dehors de la piste de danse. Maintenant, Sonya travaille à plein temps pour permettre aux femmes de danser librement.